Upsets, Comebacks and Turnarounds

Euphoric Celebration!
Coach Jimmy Valvano after the N.C. State Wolfpack upset heavily favored Houston to win the 1983 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. It was a euphoric Celebration!

All who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to experience overwhelming victories give us an example to go by.  Their battles are our battles; their victories, our victories.  At one point in their lives, Esther and Elijah, Jonathan and Jehoshaphat, Leah and others alike, all were spiritually bereft of hope and brimming with despair.  While defunct of faith, God stepped in and reversed their circumstances for good.  Reading their stories is rich spiritual fodder for all of us who need encouragement and a spiritual shot in the arm. We take solace in the reflection of their triumphs, knowing that what God has done, He is yet able to do again.

What do you think?

If you haven’t watched the documentary ‘”Undefeated,” watch the clip below and then go buy the DVD.

It’s that good.


The song “He Turned It” by Tye Tribett summarizes the theme Upsets, Comebacks and Turnaorunds. 

16 thoughts on “Upsets, Comebacks and Turnarounds

  1. I started out life from the bottom looking up. I was frequently beaten with a horse whip by my father. To kill the pain I started drinking at 8 years old. I started playing football as an avenue to release my rage. This catapulted me to local stardom on the gridiron. I became so good I was recruited by many major college football programs, the only thing holding me back was my grades and my SAT scores. I signed with the local college and was immediately declared ineligible. I transferred to Sac City Jr college and achieved all state status as a starting split end. I went to UNLV on a recruiting trip and was offered a scholarship. Three days later I got hit by a car as a pedestrian. The car never stopped. I laid dead in the street, to be revived and life flighted . I suffered 18 major injuries including losing half my left calf. I was told I would never play again. I underwent a major rehabilitation undertaking and was back on the field in five months. This was history! Since I was damaged goods no major colleges were interested in me anymore. I hung out and partied for a year and started selling cars. I quickly got addicted to cocaine and thought I had found the miracle drug. In my fourth month I came across a customer named Pastor Doug Bird. He bought a vehicle from me and spent 2 hours ministering to me. I was lost and it fell on deaf ears. I became a machine and dominated in the local car business reaching management in record time. This was the life I lived until 2008. My wife left me and I now have almost 6 years sobriety. I got involved in Alumni football and the director of the league goes to church with Pastor Doug Bird. I received an email invitation to church on November 1st 2009. I went and gave my life to Christ that day. I since have written a book, appeared on TV, radio, newspaper, and the 700 Club. I now minister to the lost that are dealing with some of my same past issues I have overcome thru Christ

    Joey Ortiz

    1. Wow! What a testimony. Please tell me the name of your book. I Googled your name and came up with a rapper from Bklyn. You? I would love to feature your story in a blog.



      1. Correcting a Wreckless Life

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        God and Sports wrote:

        Godandsports commented: “Wow! What a testimony. Please tell me the name of your book. I Googled your name and came up with a rapper from Bklyn. You? I would love to feature your story in a blog. Best, Dave”

  2. Absolutely. I can do it. My pleasure. I don’t know if I told you I signed a movie production contract. We met with money people on Tuesday. Gods glory will be magnified in a grand way. Let me know.

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