Can LeBron and the Lakers Make Magic? (look like a genius?)


LeBron James just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, and now Magic Johnson and the team from Tinsel town seems to be one free agent away from building the talent that can contest and wage war with Warriors for supremacy in the NBA’s Western Conference. Wow.

LeBron James chose LA for obvious reasons. One, he lives there. Two, he wants to stay there. Three, and this is the one most of us question, he thinks he can win another championship there.  We’ll see.  The Lakers were not good last season, but now the fans are dancing in the streets. And now they must go from not so good to great overnight if the Lakers are to return to their former glory.

And that’s where we all want to be; back to the glory days of our youth and our better days when we were at our peak and played at our finest. LeBron’s no spring chicken, but he’s also proven that he, like fine wine, is just getting better with age. And that’s the other lesson. Can we all get better instead of getting worse? Can we improve our game and not stay the same but instead progress and proceed in spite of the wear and tear of everyday life? 

LeBron showed us that it can be done, because he did it in Cleveland. Now, we’ll see if he can stage a comeback and turn the Lakers franchise around. Now, we’ll see if he can play with Lonzo Ball and Brandam Ingram and Kyle Kuzma and make them better players.

Now, we’ll see if LeBron can pull a rabbit out of Magic’s hat in LA.

Why Aren’t You Watching The NBA Playoffs? (2016 Edition)


I know that many of you don’t  really like basketball in general and detest the NBA in particular, but I’m telling you, if you aren’t watching the 2016 Playoffs, then shame on you. And that goes for me too.

The NBA Playoffs, for all they are not, are entertaining and intriguing and even inspiring. Yes, inspiring. The best player on the best team is out with an injury and yet his team hasn’t missed a beat. The Golden State Warriors are warlords on a war path en route to a 2nd Straight NBA Title. Or so it seems. So, no Steph? No problem! Clay Thompson and Draymond Green have stepped up to the plate and they’re hitting it out of the park, so to speak.

And in the other Western Conference series, the Oklahoma City Thunder got absolutely smashed in Game 1, 124- 92. Everybody, and I mean everybody didn’t see this coming. Not their humbling loss in Game one nor their exhilarating win in Game 2 (98 – 97). How do you lose by 32 points one night and then turn all the way around and win a nail biting thriller the next?

Their hero and soon to be free agent-leader Kevin Durant didn’t cry or wine or complain after the loss. He just came back and played Game 2 in the cauldron of the steamy AT&T Center with reckless abandon. And San Antonio is a place where the Spurs had lost only once this season — to the Warriors — the greatest regular-season team of all time, mind you.

So, for Durant and Westbrook and the Thunder to thunder back and win in San Antonio to tie the series when they did, how they did, the way they did, has got to be some sort of miracle. The win was instantly inspiring and encouraging and moving and motivating. And I didn’t even watch the game! But when I saw the final score, something in me just jumped up and basically broke down. I wanted to leap for joy and break down in tears all at the same time. OKC may have been down, but they’re not out.

It just goes to show that in sports and in life you can come back from the brink, and yes, even from the dead. When everyone and everybody everywhere puts you down and counts you out and  writes you off, and you STILL manage to mount a comeback and stage an upset and triumph in a turnaround, you know that Providence must be doing another great work.