“We Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice”


It starts with desire, continues with determination and is fulfilled with practice.

In Allen Iverson’s infamous 2002 news conference rant, he mentioned “practice” 17 times, and compared practice with “the game” 9 times.  In this two minute diatribe, Iverson told the world that he had skill, but lacked character.  His desire to be a great player fell short and he failed to achieve basketball greatness in all respects; most disappointingly, Iverson failed to couple his desire to win with a daily determination to overcome his own “demons” and told the world that he did not understand the importance of practice.

The Baseball Season has 162 Games. The basketball and hockey seasons have 82 Games. The football  season has 16 Games.  Theoretically, at the beginning of every season, every team should aspire to win the championship.  Before the season begins, before the shoes are laced and before the games are played, it all starts with the desire to win. 

Desire is a driving force; a streetcar, if you will. “Desire” propels and powers us to wish, to long for, or to petition.  Theologically speaking, desire is hope.  The Bible says that “our hope does not disappoint” (Romans 5: NIV) and “we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure” (Hebrews 6:19 NIV).  Desire must be coupled with determination. Theologically, determination is faith.  While a few teams may have the inside track, and fewer still will be preseason favorites, if a team doesn’t want to win, or even think they can win, or have the desire and determination to win, they shouldn’t even play. 

Desire and determination are fulfilled with “practice.”  All of the hope and faith and desire and determination in the world don’t  amount to a hill of beans without putting them  into “practice.” How we play the game is determined by how we practice.  We need to practice what we preach and preach what we practice. Continue reading