The Washington Wizards? Really? Seriously? . . . Wow!


Wow means to amuse, delight, cheer and entertain. It is an exclamation expressing astonishment or admiration. Coincidently, synonyms include holy cow, holy mackerel, and holy moly. Michael Jordan gave us plenty of wow moments, and now the Washington Wizards are doing some of the same.

Wow is what the Washington Wizards are doing right now in the 2014 NBA playoffs. They wowed the Chicago Bulls right out of the playoffs by beating them four games to one in the first round. Now, to add insult to injury, they’ve beaten the Indiana Pacers ON THE ROAD in Game One of their second round matchup with the No. 1 seed. The Wiz are wowing their way through these playoffs into the hearts of Washington fans in general, and die-hard sports fans in aggrandizement.

Wow. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t see this one coming. Not in a long shot. The Wizards haven’t won a second round playoff game since 1982. That’s 32 long years. That’s longer than the life span of their prominent dynamic duo of John Wall and Brandon Beal. But they won. And they won convincingly. And that’s why I’m a sports fan and that’s why we love the game.

 Wow. That’s what Israel said when David defeated Goliath. Wow is what Abraham said when Isaac was born. Wow is what Joseph said when he became second in command in Egypt. Wow is what Mary and Martha said when Lazarus came back from the dead. And that’s what doubting Thomas said when Jesus showed him His nailed scared hands and the wound in His side.

And wow is what God wants to do with your life. Wow is what God wants to do in the earth. Wow is what God will do because all creation is waiting for that wow moment – the manifestation of the sons of God. Ours is to believe we serve a Wow God. Ours is to believe God is the God of Wow. So take it from Bishop Wesley T. Cherry of the Word Alive Church International in Manassas, Virginia. Yesterday he preached “Wow!” I got the message, and I hope you do to. Expect the God of wow to perform wows in your life!