God And Sports And Sports And God: They Just Go Together

Correcting A Wreckless Life
Joey Ortiz is my new BFF that I’ve never met. He’s the author of “Correcting a Wreckless Life.” His story is so spiritual it’s seems Biblical. Joey overcame almost insurmountable odds, recovered from a roadside wreck and from a wreckless life, was restored to rightness and was declared righteous as he reclaimed his rightful place as a son of God.

And so when we see Joey we see ourselves. Accosted and assaulted by his natural father but assuaged and atoned by his Heavenly Father, Joey Ortiz teaches us the lesson of fearless faith and confident conviction. When he could have shown us cowardice and cheerlessness, Joey showed us jubilance and joyfulness in the face defeat and dejection.

Not only did Joey’s body, spirit and soul overcome being wrecked (hit) by a car and being wrecked by his own wreckless ways, he overcame his woeful and wayward dad. Joey shared with me about his father: “He beat me senseless as a kid, introduced me to weed, and embezzled 55k in my name in 1998. I got it resolved but it took six months. He owed $85k in back child support and never paid a penny. A bad character. Other than bringing me into this world his other achievement was making me a Yankees fan.” But overcome Joey did.

Joey upset the odds, came back from way back, and is a spiritual example of what God can will do with those who are down but not yet out. That Joey emerged from this sordid circumstance a saved and sound individual is a tremendous turnaround indeed. Praise God!

Just like Joey’s life, sports give us upsets, comebacks and turnarounds. Just like Joey’s life, sports teach us how God fights and how God finishes. God fights to the death and He will never leave a fight unfinished. God fights for keeps, and He fights for his “peeps.” God will fight for us, and He teaches our hands to war and our fingers to fight. And then, if God fighting is not spectacular enough, He goes on and He finishes off every fight. God fights His foes decisively and definitively. When God wins, and He Always wins, He leaves no doubt about who won. And God always causes us to triumph too.

So take if from my new BFF; God and sports go hand in hand. But be careful; while sports are like God, “sports” is NOT God. Some however, have made sports a god, and others have made sports their god. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn the lessons, don’t make the same mistakes, and use sports, don’t abuse sports. Don’t make sports an idol, use sports as an example of what God can do.


Joey Ortiz: A Modern Day Miracle

Joey Ortiz

Guest Blog

“Life is not about how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up.”

I started out life from the bottom looking up. I was frequently beaten with a horse whip by my father.  To kill the pain I started drinking at 8 years old.  I started playing football as an avenue to release my rage.  This catapulted me to local stardom on the gridiron.  I became so good I was recruited by many major college football programs, the only thing holding me back was my grades and my SAT scores.  I signed with the local college and was immediately declared ineligible.  I transferred to Sac City Jr. college and achieved “All State” status as a starting split end. 

I went to UNLV, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, on a recruiting trip and was offered a scholarship.  Three days later I got hit by a car traveling 55-70 mph as a pedestrian.  The car never stopped.  I laid dead in the street, to be revived and life flighted. I suffered 18 major injuries including losing half my left calf.  I was told I would never play again. 

I underwent a major rehabilitation undertaking and was back on the field in five months. This was history! Since I was damaged goods no major colleges were interested in me anymore. I hung out and partied for a year and started selling cars.  I quickly got addicted to cocaine and thought I had found the miracle drug.  In my fourth month I came across a customer named Pastor Doug Bird.  He bought a vehicle from me and spent 2 hours ministering to me. 

I was lost and it fell on deaf ears. I became a machine and dominated in the local car business reaching management in record time.  This was the life I lived until 2008.  My wife left me and I now have almost 6 years sobriety.  I got involved in Alumni football and learned that the director of the league went to church with Pastor Doug Bird.  I received an email invitation to church on November 1st 2009.  I went and gave my life to Christ that day.  I since have written a book entitled “Correcting a Wreckless Life;”  I appeared on TV, radio, in the newspaper, and on the 700 Club.  I now minister to the lost that are dealing with some of my same past issues that I have overcome thru Christ. In 2014 I signed with award-winning producer Michael Shortt to bring my story to the big screen.   Praise God!

Joey Ortiz2

 Joey Ortiz