What’s the Deal with Dak?

Dak After Loss

Dak Prescott after the 26-15 loss to Buffalo on Thanksgiving Day

If there was ever a team destined for drama, it is the Dallas Cowboys.  They have a prima donna owner, a puppet of a coach, and players like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot that just keep the story line going. And they play in the world’s most bodacious stadium.

And that’s how some people are; full of hype but no hope, full of fluff but no real stuff. They’re just good on paper. And right now, the Dallas Cowboys (and my Eagles too!) are just good on paper.

According to NFL custom, yesterday the Cowboys played their annual Thanksgiving Day game.  The fans in the Jerry Dome (a.k.a. AT&T Stadium) were joined by a national television audience that watched in horror as the ‘Boys proceeded to lose to the Buffalo Bills, 26 -15, and it wasn’t that close. The Buffalo Bills entered their Thanksgiving Day matchup with an impressive 8-3 record, but most analysts didn’t give Buffalo much of a chance to contend in the playoffs, and they were 6.5-point underdogs in Dallas on Thursday. But after an impressive, opening first quarter drive that made the ‘Boys look invincible, they managed to literally fumble and bumble the game away.

Now let’s provide a little context. This was the game after the game that they lost to the World champion New England Patriots. After the loss to the Pats, their prima donna owner ripped Head Coach Jason Garrett and the coaching staff a new one. Jerry all but threatened to fire the entire coaching staff for the poor performance on the field.

But were taking about Dak here. Coaches can’t control performance and execution, and Dak hasn’t being playing well of late.  You would think that Dak would come out and play lights out like Lamar Jackson, especially AT HOME on Thanksgiving. Nope. Didn’t happen, at least not for the last 50 minutes of the game. You would think that Dak would dance his way back into the favor of Cowboy Nation and put some distance between them and Philly; strike two. And you would think that the entire Cowboys team would show up and show out if they wanted to save their coach.  Clang. That one bounced off the back of the rim. Game, set match, Buffalo Bills. 

Maybe Dak needs to do his pregame dance a little more? (Or is a little less?) Oh well. It all may come down to a Eagles/Dallas showdown in Philly in a few weeks.

Go Birds! 


When Bad Teams Play


The 5-6 Dallas Cowboys are hosting the 5-6 Washington Redskins in prime time. So why bother? 

The fans on each side are saying that this is a “must win” game for each team. Oh brother. Again I ask, “Why bother watching?”  It’s been called the best rivalry in sports. Normally, at least Yankees/Red Sox fans and Michigan/Ohio State fans would beg to differ, but the entire sports world is begging to differ tonight. Tonight when they play on Thursday Night Football, each team will be a shell of their old selves. Dak Prescott is not the Dak Prescott of last year; not by far. And Kirk Cousins and the Redskins, well, let’s just say that they always think they’re in contention.  Poor things.

You know what happens when bad teams play? You get poor play because of poor performers which leads to a poor performance. Essentially, it’s garbage in and garbage out. And who wants to waste precious time watching two lame ducks duke it out to the death?

Dallas has its share of problems: “Now in the middle of what will ultimately be a six-game suspension on their star RB, Ezekiel Elliot, the Cowboys’ offense is in shambles. After averaging a stout 28.25 points per game over the first eight contests, they’ve now failed to score 10 points in three consecutive games — the worse stretch in franchise history. That precipitous nose dive also includes a ‘frustrated’ Prescott admittedly playing some of his worst football, delivering only 500 total passing yards and no touchdowns, but five interceptions. He had only four all of last season.

It’s a long fall from the MVP-caliber numbers Dak Prescott was delivering only one month ago, and the correlation to the absence of Elliott can no longer be denied even if it’s not the sole reason for the downturn. Play calling certainly hasn’t helped his cause, as the Cowboys have also been attempting to overcompensate for the loss of Elliott versus riding impressive outings from Alfred Morris.” https://247sports.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/Bolt/Dallas-Cowboys-coaches-weigh-in-on-if-absence-of-Ezekiel-Elliott-is-reason-for-poor-Dak-Prescott-play-111288651

And the Redskins have had their share of woes this season too.  So what’s one to do?  Can either team pull out a winning season and make the playoffs?  It’s doubtful, but then again that’s where it all starts. Doubt is the devil that destroys destiny. So since one team has to win (barring a tie, which would be laughable), one team has an outside chance at righting the ship and saving the season.

And therein lies the lesson: there’s always hope. You have to believe that there’s always a chance, a likelihood, a probability and a possibility that things can and will turn around. But first you have to believe that there’s hope, and that there’s hope for you, and that hope will help you too.  

Aaron Rodgers Does Dallas!


Rodgers does it again!  And the 13-3 Cowboys will have to wait until next year.

The Dallas Cowboys will not win Super Bowl LI. They won’t even go to the NFC Championship Game. Not this year. Why? Because of Aaron Rodgers.  That’s it and that’s all. Case closed. Rodgers basically beat Dallas all by himself, with an award for best supporting actor to Jared Cook.

Rodgers threw for 356 total yards, but none bigger than a 36-yard pass to a toe-dragging Cook down the sideline just after he had been sacked. Talk about being stagy and cagy. Then, field goal kicker Mason Crosby kicked a 51-yard field goal as time expired, sending the Packers to the NFC championship game with their eighth straight win. In so doing, the suddenly resurgent Rodgers thwarted a huge Dallas rally in a 34-31 victory in the divisional round of the playoffs Sunday.

Cook, who led Green Bay with 104 yards receiving, kept both feet inbounds with a knee just above the ground out of bounds. And it came after the Cowboys tied the game TWICE in the final 5 minutes behind rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in their playoff debut.

Dak Prescott has nothing to be ashamed of. And Ezekiel Elliot did the best he could. But Dallas started slow and spotted Rodgers an 18 point lead. Yes they finished strong but they also came up short. That’s it and that’s all.

So what can we learn?

Wisdom and prudence beats hubris and ego every time.  Aaron Rodgers may be old and aging but he’s also senior and shrewd.  Yes he’s elderly in football years, but he’s also wily and savvy. And the veteran QB outlasted and out-dueled his rookie counterpart Prescott on the opposite sideline in a playoff game for the ages.

Wisdom and the spirit of wisdom are more to be desired than gold, yea even much fine gold. The Bible says that wisdom is the principal thing.  Remember that wisdom personified is Sofia, a delicate, dainty dame that is to be procured and protected. So get wisdom. Ask for her. Treasure her. She will never let you down.

And while Dak and Zeke are no dummies, I offer this scripture to emphasize how important wisdom is, and how dangerous it is to be stupid:

If you crush a stubborn fool in a mortar with a pestle along with grain, even then his stupidity will not leave him.

Proverbs 27:22, GOD’S WORD Translation

The Boys Are Back!  a.k.a., The Dallas Cowboys Will Win The Super Bowl (This Year!)


Yes they will. There. I said it. Yes I’m a Dallas hater, but I’m also a sports lover. And Dallas looks really, really good right about now. The Boys are 9-1, and have just completed impressive wins against the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. While I don’t want to get carried away, I don’t see why we can’t face facts either. I call it like I see it.  And the way I see it, if this team stays healthy and hungry and fixated and focused, there’s no reason they can’t go all the way.

This resurgent, rookie lead, runaway train of a team has all of the pieces and the parts and the elements and the ingredients of a  championship team.  They have chemistry and comrade and weapons and they’re on a warpath. So who’s going to beat ‘em? Who’s going to stop ’em? Who’s better than Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescot and Dez Bryant right now? Anybody?  Right now, the only team that can beat Dallas is Dallas. That’s it. And that “right now” may well hold true right through the Super Bowl.

The same goes for you too. You and I have all of the same stuff that Dallas has. Maybe not right now, but somewhere along the way, you and I will reach a point where you know that the only thing that can stop you is you. 

So, mark my words: in late January, and early in February, you’ll be saying that Dave got it right.

Dak Prescott And  Ezekiel Elliott Are In The Hall of Fame ALREADY?


If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, right about now, you’re licking your chops. Why? Here’s why.

Former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott has played just six NFL games, but his jersey already is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And so has his rookie roommate and running mate, Ezekiel Elliott.

The Canton, Ohio-based Hall of Fame has acquired the jerseys of Prescott and Elliott, as announced in a Twitter post.

Prescott and Elliott have become the first quarterback/running back rookie duo ever to pass for 1,000 yards and rush for 500 in their first five (now six) games. They have helped Dallas lead the NFC East with a record of 5-1. The Cowboys’ fourth-round draft pick, Prescott, emerged as the starter in the preseason after Tony Romo sustained a fracture in his back.

Prescott is 125-of-182 for 1,486 yards and seven touchdowns. He is closing in on the all-time NFL record for most passes to start a career without an interception, a mark currently held by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Elliott has rushed for 703 yards in SIX Games, and averages 5.1 yards a carry. He has five touchdowns. Goodness gracious. 

Yes, they’re in the Hall of Fame  — ALREADY!

Colin Kaepernick Has The Best-Selling Jersey In The NFL?


So what do you think of Colin Kaepernick? I’ll tell you what kids and millennials and anti-establishment types everywhere think – they love him! Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers jerseys are reportedly flying off the shelves, so it looks like a lot of people have Kap’s back.

Colin Kaepernick might not be the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback, but he’s leading the league in one stat — jersey sales. Since Kaepernick made headlines in late August by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, his jersey ranks as one of the best sellers in the NFL.

The latest stats on NFL jersey sales have Kaepernick’s jersey listed as the top seller on the NFL Shop’s website, ahead of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Wow.

So what do you think? Kaepernick has taken a stand by not standing up. He will not stand idly by and he will not stand for the continued abuse of power by a select number of police officers across the country. And that is the issue. Yes young black men are being disproportionally targeted, but at the end of the day, it’s the abuse of power that we all should be concerned about.   

Not standing for the National Anthem is the 2016 version of burning the American Flag, sort of. Students in the ‘60’s who  protested the Vietnam War, I mean the Vietnam “Conflict,” burned the flag as symbol of their angst and anger over the U.S. involvement in a squabble half a world away. Over 50,000 young lives were lost, and many, many more were injured and maimed for life because of a decision by policy makers to partake in a lost cause.

So, we return to question on the floor: “Is Colin Kaepernick justified in his protest?”   

Even President Obama has weighed in, and had this to day:

My understanding, at least, is that is he’s exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. I think there’s a long history of sports figures doing so. As a general matter, when it comes to the flag the national anthem and the meaning that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who’ve fought for us — that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are,” he said. “But I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that need to be talked about and if nothing else what he’s doing has generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about” (CNN).

Now let’s call Colin in to defend his position and to speak for himself.  Here’s what Kaepernik told NFL.com’s Steve Wyche:

I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Wow. That’s a powerful statement. So, agree or disagree, if nothing else, we must acknowledge that Kaepernick is raising awareness. And I do applaud him for that.

Who Won The 2016 NFL Draft? (I’ll Tell You Who Didn’t!)


Who da heck is Carson Wentz? From North Dakota? Seriously? I mean, really? We’re going to win with this guy? Oh well — that’s what they said about David. Wentz is an unknown, unheard of unlikely lad who apparently got the attention of the Eagles Organization and now . . . well, he’s an Eagle. Eagle’s fans can only hope for the best.

In other news, NFL prospect Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter account Thursday night briefly showed a video of the Ole Miss offensive tackle huffing what could have been marijuana through a gas mask attached to a water pipe. Did someone say timing is everything? Poor guy. He still may make millions, but his stock has certainly  stumbled. 

For Tunsil, the timing couldn’t have been worse: Thursday was the night of the NFL Draft in Chicago. Tunsil, one of the highest-rated players in this year’s draft, was initially touted as a possible No. 1 choice, but wound up being picked No. 13 by the Miami Dolphins.

But after news of the video spread, Tunsil’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, defended Tunsil, telling ESPN that the player’s Twitter account had been hacked. In addition, Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze told the sports network that the video was “from a long time ago.”

And Finally, Ezekiel Elliot choose to wear a very distracting crop-top shirt to Draft Night. Seriously. A crop-top is the male equivalent of a mid-drift, and there are definitely places ladies should not wear this garment. So the same should go for the guys, right? Walking the NFL Draft’s red carpet on Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys’ new running back, Ezekiel Elliott, unbuttoned his baby-blue suit, revealed the world’s most distracting male crop top, and surprised everyone with his impeccable abs. (Or were you just looking at his creamy-white pants?)

“I wanted to be a little different than everyone else,” the 20-year-old explained, wearing a silk bow tie and loafers in robin’s-egg blue. “I’m known as the hero in the half-shirt, so I had to go out on the red carpet with a crop top.”

Indeed, he “thinks” he had to: The former Ohio State running back was known for rolling up his jersey during the team’s 2014 national championship season. When the NCAA banned crop tops last year (yes, that really happened), an entire campus fought to see Elliott’s abs: Nearly 12,000 people signed a change.org petition to bring his crop top back, “Because Ohio State and football fans want to see their players continue to wear the things that have made them beloved by fans worldwide.”

It is noted that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell immediately fined Elliot for the boneheaded “play.” 

So what have we come to? Kids these days, right? You don’t have to do something unbecoming or stupid or unorthodox to be different and defy conventional wisdom. Being yourself is one thing; going out on a limb just because you want to is another.