Is Baker Mayfield The Answer to the Cleveland Browns’ Question?

Baker Mayfield is the embodiment of faith and hope and love for the game that Cleveland Browns fans have everywhere. At least some think he is. He’s a risk and a gamble and a wild card and a wild one as the Browns are going out on a limb and betting the farm on a hothead who’s got a hot arm who hopefully can get on a hot streak. We’ll all have to just wait and see how it turns out because right now he’s just numbers on paper. Here’s what an ESPN staff writer had to say about Mayfield being the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft:

Pat McManamon

ESPN Staff Writer


“The Cleveland Browns surprised the NFL world by making quarterback Baker Mayfield the first overall pick in the draft Thursday night.

The Browns has been expected to take a quarterback and had insisted Mayfield was under consideration through the pre-draft process. Most speculation still centered on USC’s Sam Darnold and Wyoming’s Josh Allen, but momentum started to build in the last few days that the Browns favored Mayfield.

Cleveland also had the fourth pick Thursday and used it to select Denzel Ward, a cornerback back from Ohio State.

Mayfield, who had a stellar college career at Oklahoma but also made headlines with his behavior on and off the field, will be tasked with turning around a Browns team that went 0-16 last season.

Mayfield joins a roster that has Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback and Drew Stanton as the backup. The Browns hope to play Taylor this season, allowing Mayfield time to learn and grow. Mayfield, though, said at the scouting combine he would never “settle” for a backup role.

The Browns have not made the playoffs since 2002, which is the longest active drought in the NFL. Since returning to the NFL in 1999, the Browns have had 28 different starting quarterbacks — the most in the league during that span.

Baker Mayfield will be tasked with turning around a Browns franchise coming off an 0-16 season in 2017. Harry How/Getty Images

Mayfield led FBS with a 70.5 completion percentage in 2017, and he set a single-season record by averaging 11.5 yards per attempt. He threw for 4,627 yards with 43 touchdowns and just six interceptions.

But Mayfield also garnered negative attention in recent years for his on-field antics, which included making an inappropriate gesture toward Kansas’ sideline and for planting Oklahoma’s flag on Ohio State’s logo at the 50-yard line after the Sooners’ victory over the Buckeyes. And if that wasn’t enough, on top of all that, Mayfield also was arrested last year in Arkansas on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing and resisting arrest. He reached a plea deal last June and paid fines for several of the charges.

Throughout the draft process, the Browns said they felt Mayfield had admitted to mistakes and they were behind him. Browns general manager John Dorsey even joked with Mayfield at the team’s combine interview, asking how he liked food trucks, a reference to the February 2017 arrest that took place near food trucks.

Mayfield, who is from Austin, Texas, transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma after his freshman season. During his college career, he threw for 14,607 yards and had 131 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions. He also rushed for 21 TDs and caught another during his college career.”

Who Really Won Big In The 2015 NBA Draft?

Okafor Drafed by Sixers

Who Really Won Big In The 2015 NBA Draft?

Well, if I’m from Philly, and I am, I’m loving our First Round Draft Pick.  Jahlil Okafor? Seriously? We got HIM? Right now, in Philly, they’re dancing in the streets. I mean the Mummers are marching down Market Street right now. And the Philly Faithful will note that the Mummers strut down Broad Street on New Year’s Day. So while this is a big deal, let’s not get carried away. Until we WIN another title.

So back to who won. And who won big. We did. Philly absolutely won. I mean, I would like D’Angelo Russell AND Okafor, but you can’t have it all. I mean, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. At least not every season. So we got the best player in the draft.  And to win big you have to draft big. Just ask every team who’s won a title.

So learn to pick well. Learn how to choose and to select and to decide on the best and nothing but the best. Because anything less than the best is really sin; it won’t get a grin, and it just won’t win.


Go Sixers. And Congratulations Jahlil. Welcome to Philly.

Why You Should Watch The NFL Draft


I never watch much of the NFL Draft. Maybe the first few picks of the Frist Round, but that’s it and that’s all. Why people watch much beyond that is way beyond me. Until this year.

This year I will watch the NFL Draft (OK, I’m just talking the First Round here, but you gotta’ start somewhere, right?) Anyway, like I said, I’m going to watch the NFL Draft. And you should too. I’m going to watch more than before because of history. This year will be a history making draft. Just watch.

Some NFL Drafts are more sizeable and more significant and more substantial than others. Take 1965 and 1985. Gayle Sayers and Dick Buctkus were both drafted, Third and Forth, by Chicago in 1965. Twenty years later, Bruce Smith, Jerry Rice and Hershel Walker were all drafted in 1985. The difference? Smith was the overall No. 1 pick, Rice was No. 16, and Herschel fell to the 114th pick. Go figure. These were spectacular Drafts. Yes there were other sensational draft years as well, but this year’s figures to be one of the best yet.


The significance of the Draft is that you never know who’s going to pan out or who’s going to flame out. You never know who’s going to win a glut of games or how long it’s going to take them to win a Super Bowl, if they win one at all. The number ones’ could end up duds, and the passed over could emerge as superstars. Just ask Kurt Warner, among others. You never know.

So what’s the spiritual tie in? What does the NFL Draft have to do with your life? Growing up playing street football and pick-up basketball, I was never picked first. And even if you were the first pick in the street ball draft, in the end, it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish that counts.

We all desire to be “drafted” and to be chosen and to be selected. And God has done just that. We are a “chosen generation” (1 Peter 2:9). Since we have been chosen, we should desire to live up to expectations. Since God chose us, he has certain expectations of us. We should be faithful and graceful, noble and honorable, honest and upright, and a bunch of other things too.

We will have obstacles and obstructions and hitches and hurdles. But these are just stepping-stones to stand on. Any and all of the 2015 NFL Draft class will begin as rookies and for each of them, some of the same obstacles may apply. But for each of them, the sky is the limit. And that’s goes for you and me too.