Eagles Super Bowl Champions! Philly Philly!

Yes folks, I was there!

Well, by “there” I don’t mean in Minneapolis. I mean in Philly on Broad Street after the big win.  It was great. And it was loud.  Horns were honking and whistles were wailing and folks even got pots and pans out from the cubbard to bang clamorusly. Me and my better looking twin (my youngest son Daniel) went out to join the throngs of screaming, yelling, celebrating fans who at long last could enjoy a win in the form of a Super Bowl Championship. That’s what victory will do to ya. 

No, I did NOT throw any trash cans or bricks or bottles. I just yelled a lot. And what I saw was a (mostly) civil celebration by a Philly fan base who, as most would admit, desered to defeat Brady and Belechick in what was the best super bowl ever!

Yes Philly fans get a bad wrap. We are passionate and zealous and spirited. Don’t begrudge us for that.  No, every Philly fan is not as civil as most would like, but then again, no city has a “perfect” fan base, right?

And yes, sports teaches us how to win, and how to lose.  But this year, the Philly fans are celebrating one of the biggest wins we may ever see in our lifetimes. And most Philly fans showed the sports world how to have the best post game party ever as we all danced in the streets.

And I was there!

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