From Worst to First, Playing In The Snow

Here’s a reblog from Nick Foles’ inagural season in Philly. Dreams of Sports Illustrated are dancing in my head!

God and Sports

 Eagles in the Snow

My Eagles went from Worst to First, playing in the snow.  Last season they finished dead last in the NFC East. Now, they are on the verge of winning the Division and playing deep into the playoffs.

Snow is a symbol for purity and innocence; the antithesis of pollution and contamination. Losing is symbolic of what is wrong, what is wretched, and what is wicked. No one likes a loser and everyone loves a winner. When the Eagles were in last place they were hated; now that they are in first place they are loved.

Kids from 1 to 92 love playing in the snow.  And today the Philadelphia Eagles got paid make snow angels and score touchdowns in the snow.  My Eagles went from worst to first. And they did it dramatic fashion. In Philadelphia, snow started falling about two hours before kickoff and just got harder and…

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