Will We Win Without Wentz?

It’s not the end of the world. The sky is not falling. The bottom has not fallen out. And it’s not over; at least not yet. The fact of the matter is we are suddenly without our wonderful, warhorse of a wizard QB Carson Wentz, but we can – repeat – WE CAN win without Wentz.

Yes Wentz was a savior of sorts. He was having an MVP season. He seemingly set records every time he touched the ball. And all of Philly loved him. But that’s all changed now, at least for this season. But the Eagles can still win, with conditions.

This one’s going to be on Coach Pederson. Now it’s up to the head coach to really do his job; coach. Nick Foles is the man now. No he’s not Wentz but he’s also not a wuss. We can win with Foles if we do a lot of other things absolutely right.

And that’s just like life. Sometimes we have to make adjustments and amendments in order to get the job done. And the Eagles can absolutely win down the stretch and deep into the playoffs playing the kind of football they’ve been playing.

And so there is hope.

This is what owner Jeff Laurie said about Coach Pederson last year when he was hired: “Doug is a strategic thinker, a compelling leader and communicator, and someone who truly knows how to get the best out of his players.”

And Coach absolutely got the best out of Wentz. Now he must summon the best out of the rest of his team.

So, Philly fans, you just gotta believe. And then every Eagle on the team needs to block somebody and tackle somebody and stop those silly, stupid, self inflicted penalties! Where’s my blood pressure medicine!

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