Good, Better, Best

Eagles INT


Good, better best,

Never let it rest,

Till your good is better,

And your better best.

           Author unknown

I love this little rhyme, because this short, small chime is actually sublime. It preaches a poignant point that cannot be overemphasized but is largely understated. Good is ok, but it’s not the best you can do. There is an enemy out there called average. 

The Philly faithful are NOT satisfied with beating the Dallas Cowboys – in Dallas, mind you — even as bad as we beat them. In fact, for the Cowboys, it was their worst home loss since AT&T Stadium opened in 2009. But that was NOT our Super Bowl.

The Eagles are now 9-1, and the last two times we were this good and this much better than most other teams in the NFL we went on to try our best to win the Super Bowl. Both times we failed.

But all of Philly hopes and prays that this time is different. This time, we seem to have something special going on and it’s a love fest of epic proportions. So, this time, we are not that excited about beating a deflated, depleted Dallas team. We’re not overly excited (but we are giddy!) about being 9-1, owning the best record in football. Good is good, but it’s not great. We want to go from good to great. We want to be better, and to play our best.

And that is what we all should strive to do. For the Eagles, this year, winning the Division would be good, but winning the NFC Championship Game would be better. And a Super Bowl win with a parade down Broad Street to boot would be best.

So don’t stop at good. Go for broke; get better, and then be the best. Never let it rest. Your good can be better, and your better can be best. Because God wants us to do our best and be our best; anything less is settling.


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