Von Miller Leaves Dallas in The Dust and The Rest of Us Scratching Our Heads

Von Miller

Who’s going to win the Super Bowl? It’s anybody’s guess.

It’s too early and it’s too close to call, but this early NFL season has everybody scratching their heads and shaking their heads.  First, Brady and Company got shellacked by the Kansas City Chiefs in week one. Then Philly went toe to toe with those same KC Chiefs in a 20-27 game that was close most of the way.

The Dallas Cowboys looked good in week one against the New York “Football” Giants, then laid an absolute egg today against the Denver Broncos, who look as good as gets. The Oakland Raiders, Pittsburg Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and the Carolina Panthers are all undefeated, and it’s anybody’s guess who is the early season favorite to win it all.

So who ya got? Oakland? KC? Is Brady back to form after a bad start, and is Dallas overhyped? After watching them today, the real question is Denver. Are the Broncos  and No. 58, Von Miller, going back to the big dance with their big “D” after proving to Dallas and everyone else that they are still for real?

And what about the boys from Philly, you ask?  Yes, what about ‘dem Eagles?  Thanks for asking.  My answer is what I hated hearing my mom say when my sisters and I asked her stop at a fast food place for dinner.  She would say “we’ll see.”  And that meant no.

 So, are the Eagles in the hunt? We’ll see. That means stay tuned . . .

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