Can Anybody Beat Brady?

Brady Screaming That’s the question. For the answer, stay tuned, starting tonight.

According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, the New England Patriots are favored to win every game this season. Every game. That’s 16-0, plus three more games including the Super Bowl to be the first undefeated team since the ’72 Dolphins. Can it happen? Sure. Do I want it to happen? Of course not.  And so that’s why we will be watching and rooting and cheering AGAINST that big, bad juggernaut team from up nawth. Yes I would love to see history made, but I just don’t want it to be any team other than my EAGLES!  

Still, the Patriots will have their work cut out for them. Five teams — the Raiders, Steelers, Seahawks, Packers and Falcons — pose the greatest threat to dethroning the five-time Super Bowl champions. So let’s all watch and wait and wonder together.

In God’s Playbook, we’re all winners and victors and champions. And as believers, we believe that we can’t be beat. We believe that we can’t be stopped. We believe that we can’t lose. And we be believe that we can’t fail. It’s true, that is, if we trust and obey.  If we follow God’s Game Plan and God’s Playbook, we will see victory even though we feel vanquished; we will see triumph even through trial; and we will see success even though we may succumb to failure from time to time. We win!

Through faith we will not miscarriage or abort the baby we were born to bare.

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