The Toronto Raptors: “Cooked, Glazed and Ready 2B Sliced”

The Cleaveland Cavaliers are up 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.  In other words, the Toronto Raptors are “
cooked, glazed and ready to be sliced.”  That’s basketball-speak and commentator lingo for “stick a fork ’em” because the Raptors are DONE!

The Raptors were in Game Three midway through the 3rd Quarter, and they actually had a small lead. But their best player, DeMar DeRozan, even with a career playoff high of 37 points, couldn’t do it all by himself. And the Raptors couldn’t separate and instead they began to oscillate between playing really good ball and playing really bad ball, and that is always a recipe for disaster.

And so the lesson is crystal clear once again. Don’t play hookey pookey with your life. One foot in and one foot out won’t cut it. Inconsistency is the mother of incongruity, and the grandchildren are bad habits, bad decisions, bad choices and bad results. 

So be all and give all and do all you can while you have the chance.  Because when you’re up you need not take it for granted.  Add to and pad your lead. Score when you have the advantage.  And don’t get lazy on defense.

Because wins don’t grow on trees, so don’t live like they do. 

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