Why Philly Fans Booed Roger Goodell


I’m from Philly (remember?) Anyway, I absolutely, positively and unequivocally understand why the Philly fans booed Roger Goodell during the 2017 NFL Draft, held on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. And they didn’t just boo him, they booed the MESS out of him, or at least they tried.

And if you don’t understand, keep reading.

If an effort to help the Commissioner avoid the inevitable in-draft boo birds, the NFL called on a Philly fan favorite, and that didn’t even work. In fact, it failed miserably.  

Here’s how one sports writer saw it:

“Roger Goodell brought former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski to the podium in Philadelphia to start round two. The crowd, which seemed to be nearly as large as it was on Thursday night, didn’t pull back in the face of the bespectacled human shield. Instead, they continued to relentlessly boo Goodell.

Things changed dramatically when Goodell turned the floor over to Jaworski, who was cheered loudly and who had the kind of presence and energy that gets a crowd going. He said that people of Philadelphia will eventually embrace those who do the right thing, and he expressed confidence that the City of Brotherly Love will eventually show something other than hatred for Goodell.

And then Goodell came back to the podium, and the booing instantly became as loud as ever. (Reportedly, Goodell makes $35 Million per year. That’s 35 MILLION dollars. Do you know how far 35 million can go?  I can’t even imagine how much good will is being lost on that one executive, who has made some questionable and disputable decisions in his tenure.)

Goodell can ignore the noise as much as he wants, but the owners surely don’t like it. Efforts to laugh it off or playfully welcome more booing have legitimized it. The only way to end it is to keep the Commissioner out of sight, and to have people who will be embraced by the locals call out the picks.

With the draft going on the road, the folks calling the picks should be local, starting with a well-known favorite son (like, for the first round in Philly, Sylvester Stallone) and then incorporating others, like Jaworski, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, etc., etc.”  It’s a great idea. (by  Mike Florio on April 28, 2017) http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/04/28/ron-jaworski-cant-get-the-fans-to-stop-booing-roger-goodell/

So why did Goodell get booed in Philly?

This generation can’t be fooled or phased; they can smell false and fake and two-faced and phony folks a mile away. But if you’re honest and frank and genuine and true, God, and eventually people, will validate you. This generation is craving genuine, meaningful, honest-to-goodness truth.  And that only comes from above.

So, be real. Be legitimate.  Be bona fide. Then everyone will realize and recognize your authenticity.

 But if you’re not, . . .

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