Little Davids Are Still Slaying Giant Goliaths

mississippi-state-850x560 (2)

In the 2017 Women’s Final Four on Friday Night, another David defeated another Goliath: Morgan William and Mississippi State ended UCONN’s amazing 111 game win streak. Morgan William made a clutch shot at the buzzer and defeated the giant juggernaut UConn after 111-games without a loss. The Bulldogs will now go on to play South Carolina in the NCAA championship game today, Sunday April 2nd.

One of the craziest things about this upset — aside from breaking UConn’s crazy win streak — is that Mississippi State actually faced Connecticut last year in the Final Four, but that time the Bulldogs lost in a blowout, 98-38. They were able to dramatically redeem themselves this year. And Morgan’s shot will go down in history.

It must be noted that Morgan William led the way as Mississippi State beat Baylor in the Elite Eight, but got emotional after in dedicating her performance to her late father.

The Mississippi Bulldogs were ostensibly underdogs entering their Elite Eight matchup against the Baylor Bears on Sunday night. As the Bears were the No. 1 seed in the region, Mississippi State was the No. 2 with a spot in the Final Four on the line. What oddsmakers and the committee seeding the 2017 NCAA Women’s Tournament didn’t factor in was Morgan William being an absolute clutch monster.

Standing at only 5-foot-5, the junior guard came out and had the game of her life. After taking the No. 1 seed in their region to overtime behind her efforts, William sealed the deal by carrying the Bulldogs the rest of the way to punch a ticket to the Final Four.

William’s incredible night saw her finish with 41 points, seven assists, three rebounds, one steal and one block as she simply dominated. What’s more, she also helped this Mississippi State program reach new heights.

However, the junior guard then got very emotional after the win alongside her coach. While being interviewed about her big win, William teared up as she started to say that Saturday was the three-year anniversary of her father passing away, dedicating the win to him though her coach had to finish the thought for his emotional star.

 Whenever you see a young college player have a game such as this, you know it’s going to be something they never forget. However, it adds something much more special when the circumstances are such as William’s. With the memory of her father helping fuel the best game of her collegiate career, this is a special moment for William that she’ll never forget, but also one that fans should remember and admire for a long while as well.

So the lesson to be learned from little Morgan is this: Goliaths are still lurking and threatening and barking and bullying. But have no fear; Davids are still standing and defeating and prevailing and conquering too.  

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