Football At Its Best


The NFC and AFC Championship games pit four of the best NFL teams against each other and often produce two of the best football games of the year.  And we all thought that this year would be no different, even though it’s hard to imagine how Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers could play any better than they did against the Cowboys. Right? Nonetheless, we all anticipated a great matchup in Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and Green Bay’s Rodgers. Right? Wrong!

Rodgers didn’t show up. And Matt Ryan blitzed the Packers44 – 21. And Brady was Brady as he did in Roethlisberger 36-17.

So who ya got? The veteran Brady or the younger, understudy Ryan? Considering Brady’s four game suspension at the beginning of the season, it’s a wonder than the Patriots are still, and once again almost, at the top of the NFL world, again. And Ryan has the arduous and chalky challenge of STILL having to prove that he’s legit, even after his MVP caliper season.

So the lesson is this: we should live life at the highest level.  We should do our best and live our best and be at our best, all the time. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. We fumble and stumble and mumble our way through life; and that’s, well . . .  that’s life.  Our humble  humanity is full of frailty and fallibility. That’s why we need help. And the Holy Ghost from Heaven, the Father’s promise given, is the one who is ready and willing to help us when we need help the most.

Asking and receiving help from above to live life here below is the only way to be at our best. So stop trying to go it alone. Stop ignoring the unction of the Holy One and the leading of the Lord of all. Listen! Listen and learn to do well. Ask God for more wisdom. Ask God for more understanding. Because wise decisions and prudent actions are the only way to live life to the fullest.

As for this year’s Super Bowl, if Ryan and Brady play their best in Houston, this might be one the best Super Bowls yet.

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