You Can Bet On God


I’m going to Las Vegas!

I’ve never been so I’m really excited and looking forward to the trip with my family. The funny thing about telling folks about the upcoming trip is that almost everyone is asking me about gambling and playing the slot machines. “Are you going to the casinos?” they ask. Of course I’m going to the casinos, but I’m not going to gamble. I don’t gamble or bet or wager, at least not casually or professionally, whatever that means.

And I don’t bet on sports. I know many do, and Pete Rose is the quintessential example of why players, and the rest of us too, shouldn’t bet on sports. But my focus is here is not betting on sports. My focus here is to encourage you to bet on God.

Thanks right. You should bet on God. When you’re down on your luck and need a break, God will come through for you. He will. He’s done it for me time and again. And if you trust and never doubt, He will surely bring your out. He will. Just trust and obey, for there is no other way.

So, while in Vegas, I will be betting. Not on the slots or the craps or the poker or the bingo. No, no. I’ll be betting on God’s providence and promises and provision and protection. Yes, I’ll be betting on God to come through for me and for you too.

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