Can Dallas Do It? They Think They Can!


If Dallas can beat the Vikings tonight (and then most importantly, the Giants), then they should continue winning right on into the playoffs. Some say that the Dallas “D” is weak and that they can’t stop the long ball, and that they went 10-1  before with Romo but lost to the Giants in the 1st Round of the playoffs,  . . .  blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But they’re still 10-1  and are the odds on favorite to go all the way.

We’ll see.

“The Dallas Cowboys are accomplishing things in Dak Prescott’s rookie season that never happened under Hall of Fame quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.  Dallas, which got its five Super Bowl championships under Staubach and Aikman, had never won 10 consecutive regular-season games in the same season until now.

Only once before in franchise history had the Cowboys started 10-1, in Tony Romo’s first full season as the starter in 2007. That was also the only other time since 1995, their last Super Bowl season, that they already had 10 wins on Thanksgiving Day.

‘I have tons of confidence in myself, this team, and the coaching staff,’ Prescott said. ‘I never go in to the game thinking we are going to lose, it is always what do we have to do to win? I feel like that is how this team thinks.’ ” By Stephen Hawkins – AP Sports Writer

And so the question is this: can YOU “do it;” whatever your “it” is? Publish a book? Start and grow a successful business? Be a blessing to everyone you meet? Can you do it? First, you must think you can, and then you must believe you can, and then you must be determined that you can. Then you’ll have a fighting chance.

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