The Boys Are Back!  a.k.a., The Dallas Cowboys Will Win The Super Bowl (This Year!)


Yes they will. There. I said it. Yes I’m a Dallas hater, but I’m also a sports lover. And Dallas looks really, really good right about now. The Boys are 9-1, and have just completed impressive wins against the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. While I don’t want to get carried away, I don’t see why we can’t face facts either. I call it like I see it.  And the way I see it, if this team stays healthy and hungry and fixated and focused, there’s no reason they can’t go all the way.

This resurgent, rookie lead, runaway train of a team has all of the pieces and the parts and the elements and the ingredients of a  championship team.  They have chemistry and comrade and weapons and they’re on a warpath. So who’s going to beat ‘em? Who’s going to stop ’em? Who’s better than Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescot and Dez Bryant right now? Anybody?  Right now, the only team that can beat Dallas is Dallas. That’s it. And that “right now” may well hold true right through the Super Bowl.

The same goes for you too. You and I have all of the same stuff that Dallas has. Maybe not right now, but somewhere along the way, you and I will reach a point where you know that the only thing that can stop you is you. 

So, mark my words: in late January, and early in February, you’ll be saying that Dave got it right.

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