You’re Only As Good As Your Record


My Eagles are a disappointing 4-4.  And while I’m still riding the Wentz Wagon, we’ve hit a patch of rough road. Thank God all of the wheels haven’t come off. A 4-4 record means  that we’re playing .500 ball. In mathematical parlance, that means we’re average. Just average. And who wants to be average?  At the halfway point of the 2016 NFL season, we’re not that bad, but we’re not that good either.

By most accounts, we should be or at least could be 7-1. We gave away the game to the Detroit Lions, we lost to Dallas in OT, and we lost yesterday to the New York Football Giants 28-25 and all three games went down to the wire. (And I don’t have the stomach to talk about the Redskins game.) But as they say, you’re only as good as your record. And our record is 0-3 in the Division.

So what about you? What’s your record? Do you have a record of being kind and caring or being cold and callous?  Are you known for being forgiving and forbearing or explosive and corrosive? What’s your record? Just like my Eagles lately, my record hasn’t been so good. I’ve been edgy and punchy and short and shallow and that’s not winning me any points with my roommate. So, just like my Eagles, I’ve got some things to work on. Thank God there’s still a lot more football to play, and more life to live.

So what’s your record? How have you been treating those closest to you lately? How’s your temperament been? Have you dropped the ball and failed to advance? If, so stop blaming everyone else. Work on your weaknesses, and strengthen your strengths.

 Remember, you’re only as good as the record that is kept by those who are watching and keeping score.

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