Chicago Cubs Fans Watch Game Four in Wrigleyville

Sometimes miracles are almost too good to be true.  The feeling and the sensation and the amazement of a miracle come true all combine and converge upon us all at once and our frail, fragile frames are almost too feeble to grip and grasp the impact.

The Chicago Cubs are to be celebrated because their old, wily veterans combined with their young, cagy rookies to create a team which overcame mistakes and setbacks and batting slumps and outstanding pitching — and a rain delay — to reach the top.

The Chicago Cubs broke through for their first World Series win in 108 years, the longest non-title streak in sports history. The Cubs won in dramatic fashion, winning an epic Game 7 ON THE ROAD in Cleveland after falling behind 3-1 in games. And if the drama of a Game 7 wasn’t enough, both teams decided that they had to have extra innings to decide the matter.

This Chicago-Cleveland World Series will go down as one of, if not THE best Fall Classics in sports history. It was high drama and edgy theater with tragedy and comedy all wrapped up in a show of shows second to none. The game was won in 10 innings, because nine innings couldn’t hold the euphoria and hysteria of this grand, climatical game.

By far, this was the greatest baseball game I have ever seen.

The Cubs Game 7 win came down to an after midnight, close to 1 am East-coast-time thriller. If you didn’t watch until the beautiful for Chicago fans and bitter for Cleveland fans end, you missed a treat. The Cubs went up 5-1, and it looked as if the party in Wrigleville could commence only half way through the game. But we had to hold our horses and stop the presses because Cleveland wasn’t through doing their part in making this an epic masterpiece of a ballgame.

And this World Series had a dreamy beginning; it began with a home run and the visiting, upstart team winning on the road. Yet through it all, we all knew that one of these championship starved teams was going to lose, and for many a moment it appeared to be the Cubs, until rain fell and lightning struck (somewhere).

This great baseball game had the greatest of endings.  And it had everything in between. It had pitching and hitting and homers and a rain delay. “It was approaching midnight in Cleveland and nine innings were in the books. When the tarp came on the field before the start of the 10th, it seemed like the cruelest of paradoxes: rain was prolonging two historic droughts.”

The spiritual parallels of the Cubs win are too many to mention, because this is the stuff of legends and legacy’s; yet and still, here are a few of the mystical memories we will carry with us for generations to come:

  1. It was a comeback of comebacks. To win after losing three of the first four games of the series meant that the Cubs had to win the last 3 games of the series. That is no easy feat. But the Cubs miraculously pulled it off.


  1. The rain delay gave the Cubs “tears from Heaven” and seemed to provide tears of joy for the winners and tears of sorrow for the losers. Either way you slice it, the rain watered the miracle. It rained a lot for a little while; the rain delay was only 17 minutes, but it helped the Cubs reset their minds and recharge their batteries.


  1. A Cubs veteran, who had an underwhelming and underachieving series, was the voice of victory and gave his teammates the pep talk of the ages. Jason Heyward made by far his biggest contribution of the season, gathering his teammates and giving them a pep talk in the clubhouse during the rain delay. Anthony Rizzo called it “the best rain delay of all-time.” It goes to show that you need everybody to win; the hot hitters and the slump sitters. Everybody on the team is a part of the win.

Game 7 of the 2016 World Series was an all-time classic and perhaps the best Game 7 ever, given the context. With all the young talent all over the field, it’s not hard to envision these teams meeting again next year. At least for the Cubs, “wait ’til next year” finally refers not to another chance at redemption, but to a ceremony involving a banner and rings.

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