World Series GRAND SLAM!


When’s the last time you saw a grand slam in the World Series? Never? Probably so. The last grand slam home run hit in a World Series was in 2005. And so we’ve got ourselves a humdinger of a World Series. So there is hope for the Chicago Cubs, and their if’s maybe turning into when.

Yes, “if” may be turning into “when.” The Chicago Cubs are leading 7-0 (now 7-2) in Game 6 of the 2016 World Series, ON THE ROAD in Cleveland, and they seem to be on their way to tying this series at 3-3 after being down 3-1. And so I say again, the “if” may be turning to when.

When the Cubs fell behind 3-1 in games, we said that they needed a miracle. And “if” they could pray up a miracle, then “when” could come. Well . . . I believe in miracles. And the Cubbies and their championship starved fans may well have prayed up a miracle of miracles tonight as Addison Russell hit a one out Grand Slam bomb to center field to blow the game open in the bottom of the third inning.

So, the question was “if” the Cubs could hit, or when the Cubs do hit, they might be able to get back into the series. The “if” has now turned into when as the Cubs hit a Grand Slam, and they are still hitting.

So, we’ll see you at Game 7.

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