Expect The Unexpected!


My Eagles defeated the previously undefeated Minnesota Vikings 21-10 today in Philly, and it wasn’t that close. It was an ugly start to a wonderful finish for the High Flying Eagles, who improved to 4-2 after dropping two in a row to the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins. 

My Eagles started off 3-0, and now, with this huge win, we hope to continue with our (notice I said OUR) winning ways as we head to Big “D” for a mid-season showdown with the Boys at the Jerry Jones Dome in Dallas next Sunday night. It should be a doosey.

Very few expected the Eagles to win today. Including me. The Vikings had a vaunted defense, and their offense was clicking on all cylinders (Did I just pay Sam Bradford a complement?) so there was little to no reason to expect the Eagles to beat the Vikings today. That’s why, in the NFL and in life, we must learn to expect the unexpected.

The Eagles moved out of the doldrums and ended a short but unexpected losing streak and won to keep pace in the ultra-competitive NFC East. They did it by hitting Bradford with everything including the kitchen sink, by being opportunistic and taking the football away four times (one interception, two offensive fumbles and a punt team recovery) and by holding the fort on offense.

Eagles’ rookie sensation QB Carson Wentz overcame his two interceptions and played well enough to win. And that’s what you and I need to do. We need to believe that we can, regardless of what people and pundits say about us (how bad they think we are). We also need to believe that we can regardless of what people say about the competition (how much better than us they think they are), and expect to win even when the odds are against us.

And right now I’m talking to me, myself and I. And you need to talk to yourself too. Give yourself a pep talk! Pump yourself up!  Tell yourself that you can and will make it! So when others don’t expect good and grand and great things to happen in your life, expect the unexpected.

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