Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride: Why I’m Rooting For Dusty Baker


I’m rooting for Dusty Baker to win.  Not because I like the Washington Nationals or I don’t like the LA Dodgers, but because I like the little guys and the small fries and the also rans and the ones that got away.

Johnnie B. “Dusty” Baker, Jr has managed in San Francisco and in Chicago and in Cincy and now in DC. And each time he’s gotten to the post season, he’s come close, with no cigar.   He’s had a great season, and now he’s trying to win in Washington playing against the team he spent his formative baseball years with. 

In LA, the Dodger Stadium crowd didn’t give much of a welcome home to native son Dusty Baker, who grew up in Riverside and spent eight productive seasons as a Dodgers outfielder. Earlier, Baker said Chavez Ravine still feels a little like home, even though it’s been 32 years since he played there. “It’s the same Dodger Stadium that I came to as a kid, you know, even before I got into professional baseball. This is always one of my favorite stadiums.”  Mike Hiserman

So let’s all root for Dusty. He won with the Dodgers when Tommy Lasorda was the skipper in Tinsel Town. Now he’s trying to win with an upstart Nationals team that may well have to gut one out in a Game 5 showdown in DC.  Go figure.

Good things don’t come easy for some. But that’s fine. Things that come easy can also come sleazy. Easy is not necessarily bad, but it also is not earned.  Kids and players and people who have had it handed to them can’t and don’t’ appreciate what it means to strive and struggle and toil and tussle through disappointment and difficulty and setbacks and letdowns on the way to victory.

So here’s to Dusty. And here’s to all those of us who have had to wait long and work hard and wonder why and when.  But with the help of some fans and hope from some followers, maybe it will turn out for Dusty, and for us too.

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