You Before Me, Not “Me Before You”


“Me Before You” got it backwards. And in sports and in life, sometimes most of us get it backwards too. Ball-hog point guards and self absorbed wide receivers and coaches who think they’re bigger than the game and the university they represent are all representatives of  a “me before you attitude.” And that’s what we see in this film.  

In the solid, watchable and mostly enjoyable romantic drama “Me Before You,” a young, sheltered underemployed waitress strikes up a relationship with the rich, pampered patient she is hired to care for, and you know where it goes from there. But she fails to turn him from his chosen end, and this is where the film disappoints.

I loved this film right up until the end. One amateur critic said “This movie stinks. The script and acting are superb but the story is about a former alpha male, crippled by his own stupidity.” I won’t go that far, but I do agree that the ending stinks. It’s just like the ending of “The Last of the Mohicans;” ending it all is never the answer.

This critic went on to say that the protagonist is selfish and self-centered: “Once paralyzed, he lives life in one big hissy fit before committing suicide, much to the dismay of his caretaker who has fallen in love with him.” So what is the basic message of the movie? Another critic wrote this: “If you are paralyzed, suicide is the best option. Even if you’re rich and loved by family and friends.” Not. Giving it all you’ve got, even if you don’t think it’s much. is better than not giving at all.

That’s why “Me Before You” is the wrong formula. In sports and in life, the correct order of things is and always should be “You Before Me” not me before you.

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