Eagles Trade Sam Bradford To the Vikings. Really!?  Oh, Well – Come On Carson Wentz!


Some decisions make all the sense in the world and others make no sense at all. And the Eagles trading Sam Bradford, their starting quarterback, to the Vikings AFTER they went 4-0 in the preseason, is just one of those moves that makes you shake your head and scratch your head and wonder if the Eagles have lost their heads. But not to worry, right? I mean, we’ve got Carson Wentz, right? 

If I didn’t have high hopes for my Eagles for this season, I sure don’t have them now. Not that I was a Sham, I mean Sam,  Bradford fan. Quite the contrary.  It’s just that Wentz has barely touched the ball this pre-season.  Oh well. Let’s see what the new kid can do.

Here’s what the pundits are saying, and even they can’t figure this one out:

“Carson Wentz suffered a hairline rib fracture on August 11th in his first pre-season start, and Eagles head coach Doug Pederson estimated last week that one of Wentz’s ribs was 60 percent healed. That’s sixty percent. So, has it healed that much in the past few days?

In that one preseason game, Wentz completed 12 of 24 passes for 89 yards and a bad interception against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That’s not much work for a quarterback coming from FCS-level college football at North Dakota State, but the Eagles believe he has high-level skills and rare maturity.

Wentz appears mature enough to handle some early bumps in the road. That’s not the biggest concern, really. But another issue that is he hasn’t had much time to mesh with the rest of the offense. Wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham has just gotten his feet wet, too, and the offensive line is still coming together as well. That’s a lot of training on the job.

Fortunately, the Eagles’ early-season schedule is not brutal. After the Browns in Week 1, the Eagles travel to Chicago for a Monday nighter, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 3 at home and a Week 4 bye. There’s time for Wentz to develop without facing a menacing defense in the first month of the season.

Still, this is a lot to digest. The Eagles have made wholesale changes and dramatic moves throughout 2016. But even these are surprising developments to be sure.”

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