Why Aren’t You Watching The Olympics?


I asked someone at work why she wasn’t watching the Olympics. She said “I was busy; and besides, the ratings are down.” The ratings are down? You mean you watch because other people watch, and you don’t watch because other people don’t watch? Really? Sounds like a millennial following a trend and not their own inner compass.

Michael Phelps won his record 19th Gold Medal when he helped the USA men’s 4×100 relay team win. With the win, Phelps extends his record to a whopping 23 Olympic medals.  That’s something to get all revved up about, despite Phelps personal problems (but more on that in another blog). And the expressions on the faces of Phelps and teammate Caeleb Dressel are priceless; the looks of elation are worth the price of admission all by themselves.

And “Pure happiness” radiated from Katie Ledecky as the 19-year-old USA freestyle phenom gazed at the scoreboard and contemplated her latest feat: 400m free Olympic gold in world record time. We’ll have to write more about Ledecky later, too.

Now I had long gone to bed when these races were being run and being won, but I am very much tied and emotionally “all in” to the Olympics. It’s the spirit of the games and the esprit de corps and the essence and the quintessence that I love. You can’t duplicate or replicate this energy and inertial by not watching and not caring. I mean, com’ on man! (and woman).

The sum and substance of the Olympic Games lies at the center and is found in the soul of the of the term “team.” Teams must pull together and push together and row together and run together, literally and figuratively, in order to achieve success. And the crux and core of team sports is captured in every Olympics and it is no less on display in Rio this year.  With all of the turmoil and turbulence surrounding these games, it is no wonder that the push and pull to exceed is even more palpable.

So, let’s get back up, let’s dust ourselves off and let’s turn on the tube and watch these Olympic Games! You’ll be glad you did. You’ll thank me later, but you can thank me now.

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