A-Rod is Going A-Way


Alex Rodriguez announced his retirement on Sunday, bringing to an end one of the most hated and reviled professional sports careers ever.  http://ftw.usatoday.com/author/luke-kerr-dineen

And there’s not much more to say. Comparatively, there have been a number of all-star retirements lately: Kobe ended his career with a season-long sendoff that ended with him scoring 60 points in a storybook final game at Staples Center. Tim Duncan closed out his career with a lot less fanfare, but he went out at the end of the season, and was as unpretentious at the end as he had been all along.

But for A-Rod to suddenly and un-summarily drop everything and announce his “retirement” in August when the season is not near over is as fishy and as smelly as the sight and smell of dead fish floating in a polluted river. But it appears that the season has been over for him for some time.

One sports writer put it this way:

Whenever a high-profile sports figure retires it’s only natural to begin debating his legacy. With his last game approaching on Friday, now we shift our attention to A-Rod, and needless to say, the early prospects don’t look good on his post-retirement stock.

So let’s just leave it at that. A-Rod said he didn’t use performance enhancing drugs. And he did. He said the allegations of wrongdoing were false. And they weren’t.  A-Rod was considered A-Fraud by most and many more just had enough of the could-have-been, should-have-been, all-time-great, but wanna-be, boy wonder.

So long A-Rod. You were suspended by MLB for 162 games in 2014 for your involvement in the Biogenesis PED scandal.  And unfortunately, this is what we will remember the most. For his part, when it came to how he wanted to be remembered, Rodriguez acknowledged his past mistakes, with this:

I do want to be remembered as someone who was madly in love with the game of baseball, someone who loves it at every level,’’ he said. “Someone who loves to learn it, play it, teach it, coach it. And also, I’m going to be hopefully remembered as someone who tripped and fell a lot, but someone that kept getting up.

A-Rod With Bat

After you fall down once or twice, keep getting up. That is the essence of a comeback and a turnaround, right?

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