Kevin Durant: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

KD, Curry and Clay

Kevin Durant just left a very good team and has joined a really great team. He left the only team he’s ever known to play for the very team that he’s never been able to beat (figuratively speaking). So why isn’t the entire sports world jumping for joy?

For starters, Oklahoma City fans feel forlorn and forsaken. They feel spurned and scorned and slighted and snubbed, and rightfully so. Durant was the face of the franchise and now he’s gone; and he’s not just gone, but he’s gone to the ENEMY! The very team that OKC almost beat in the 2016 Western Conference Finals now has Durant on its roster. And now the Warriors are the odds on favorite to win the NBA Title next year. Because anything less will be seen as a failure.

And it’s not like this kind of thing hasn’t happened before. Most recently, King James spurned Cleveland for Miami. There, LeBron went to four NBA Finals and won two.  But all was forgiven this year because in the second year of his return to Cleveland, James brought a title to his home town. And before James, Kevin Garnett left Minnesota and went to Boston and won a championship with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in 2008. So there. 

So before you burn your Durant jersey, remember this: Durant owes no one anything, especially the OKC fans. That’s right. As traitorous as it may sound, Durant has a right to make his own choices and his own decisions, despite the media outcry and the fans outrage. Because life is all about choices and decisions, good, bad and ugly.

So what about you? Will you decide and determine and define and distinguish your life based on what others say and feel? I won’t. And you shouldn’t either. That doesn’t mean that we should make rash and reckless decisions based solely on “me, myself and I.” But it does mean that what others think and feel and want should not be what we base our decisions on.

Durant’s new teammate Draymond Green, may have said it best. Green spoke to Sports Illustrated’s Alex Kennedy and said that he believes Durant paid his dues and earned the right to join a title contender. Green went on to say this:

I’m excited, and I’m excited for KD. He has put himself in the position where he’s done everything he can do. He deserves the right to make his own decision and do what makes him happiest. At the end of the day, he has worked in this league for nine years and he gave OKC nine tremendous years that he’s thankful for and that they’re thankful for. But there comes a time in life where everyone deserves to make a decision that they think is right for them.

Durant A Warroir

So, like I said before, I’m still pulling for Kevin Durant, 

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