What Went Wrong With the Warriors?

draymond green finals

Lots. Tons. Heaps and mounds and stacks and piles lay at the feet of every player wearing the Warrior wardrobe. Plenty went wrong and there are bundles of blame to go around the Golden State Warriors locker room after losing Game 7 to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors were leading late in the Fourth Quarter, 87-82 and at one point they were leading in the series three games to one; but they let both leads slip away. And now the defeated and deflated 2015 NBA Champs are certainly worse for the wear after this painful, painstaking loss.

Blame and fault go hand in hand with culpability and responsibility. How about this one: Who’s to blame for fouling LeBron James as he attempted a three-pointer late in the Fourth Quarter with the game on the line? The coach, Steve Kerr, who put the player in the game? Or the player who shouldn’t even have been on the court who actually committed the foul? Festus Ezeli, the WORST player on the court, was playing the BEST player on the court, in crunch time! AND they were out on the perimeter, where James hadn’t made a three pointer ALL NIGHT! What’s wrong with that picture? Talk about bad decisions.

And then there’s the Draymond Green factor. Unfortunately, the Warriors will wear this wound like the Red Badge of Courage for years to come. Unfortunately, the Warriors taught us all a lesson in how not to win. And unfortunately, “the Warriors might always be remembered as one of the best teams ever that couldn’t close it out, and Green is taking at least a good share of the blame after he sat out Game 5 on Monday night, June 13, after being suspended for flagrant fouls.”

Who’s to blame for Draymond Green missing Game 5? Who’s to blame for Draymond Green’s multiple flagrant fouls during the playoffs? Draymond Green, of course. But for his part, Green accepted responsibility, at least for his part in the disappointing collapse. Draymond Green said “the loss stings.” And he said, “it’s supposed to sting.” Wow. At least he’s honest. Green went on to say some very respectable things:

I learned a lot about myself as a man. I got to control my emotions. I will always control my emotions now. There is a silver lining in between everything. I’m not a guy that takes moral victories, but I did learn from that. I learned that I can’t put myself in harm’s way and that’s in anything. That’s in basketball. That’s in life. You can’t put yourself in that position.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m not sure what that reason is right now. I know that I’ve learned from [the suspension]. I know it will make me better down the line. But there is still more to it. It will eventually come to me, but I don’t have the answer right now. But the one thing I do know is I’ve learned from it. And if you can learn from something in life, it can go a long way.

Well said. And nuff said.

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