God Loves Cleveland!


Well, there you have it! History was made tonight as an epic, classic clash of titans ended with LeBron James besting the best team in basketball to win the 2016 NBA Crown. The Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 7 ON THE ROAD after being down 3-1 in games. What an unbelievable, unforgettable unforeseeable comeback.  But I will remind you that I DID see this coming (at least after Game 6). And I am going to say I told you so. 

The best player in the NBA is still LeBron James. Again.  He notched a triple double in a Finals Game 7 and led his team to the promised land of victory. He’s a force to be reckoned with, as the Warriors now know full well. Stephen Curry gave James a run, but LeBron was bent on proving that he’s still the King. LeBron delivered on his promise to bring a Championship to Cleveland. And his legacy has now grown that much bigger and that much broader.

So what is the spiritual speech and the theological lesson to be learned? The Cleveland Cavaliers could have given up and packed it in when they were down 1-3. But King James told his team the same thing Winston Churchill told his Country in WWII: “Never, never, never give up.”

So here’s to Cleveland and to the fans who have hungered and thirsted for a championship for so long. And thanks to King James, they have now been filled. So congratulations LeBron, 2016 NBA Champion and Finals MVP.


God loves the World, even and including Cleveland; and that should give all the rest of us hope too.

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