Falling Apart and Putting It Together


Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors are falling apart. I told my sons as much. When the Warriors were being walloped in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant, and more specifically by Russell Westbrook, I saw it in their eyes; because the eyes don’t lie. And the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Westbrook’s fiery eyes look like those of a rabid, wild animal in heat after her young had just been eaten by a predator. And that’s being kind. Westbrook is playing like a man possessed. It just seems like he has determined that the Thunder are NOT going to lose. Period.

On the other hand, the glazed, glassed over eyes of Steph Curry look like a weak, wounded water fowl miles from land and headed into a perfect storm. The gale force from the Thunder’s storm has scattered the Warriors to the wind and they have little to no hope of regrouping and recouping what they had last year or even earlier in these 2016 NBA Playoffs. The Warriors have no energy and no synergy; all they have is lethargy. And Draymond Green’s foolish flagrant foul in Game 3 certainly didn’t help. So if Steph doesn’t work his wonder and wizardry, the Warriors will be wasted by the wayside, wondering what could have been.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are putting it together. More pointedly, OKC is putting it ALL together. They have a light lift in their legs and a surprising spring in their step. They took out San Antonio and they’re about to dispatch of the defending Champs. Incredible. No one, and I mean NO ONE saw this coming.

So sports shows us that it’s all about effort and energy and positive exertion. Not talent or practice (Practice? We talkin’ ‘bout practice?) or salaries or seeding. It’s all about effort. Period. We’re talking chutzpah and hutzpah and gall and guts and all of the other intangible, unquantifiable qualities that you just have to have in order to win when no one expects you to. And the Thunder are thundering right over the Warriors in route to the NBA Finals, and, dare I say, Durant’s first NBA Title?

You can say you heard it first right here at ww.Godandsports.net

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