How Sonya Curry Raised The MVP


Steph Curry’s mom has a message that is magnetic and mesmerizing. She’s a basketball wife and a basketball mom that wears the mantle well. She carries herself with grace and graciousness and poise and panache and spirit and style.

Sonya Curry is the mother of the reigning NBA MVP and she herself is an MVP of a mom that is both charming and endearing and enchanting and enthralling. From a distance, she appears tough and tender and sensitive and straightforward. And she’s as pleasant as she is powerful.

I believe that a mom’s love is directly responsible for the success her children, and Sonya Curry get’s all of the kudos we can muster for the success of her sons, especially Steph Curry. So here’s to all the moms in general and all of the sports mom’s in specific. And here’s to Sonya Curry; the video of how she raised the MVP says it all.

And here’s to my mom, Lerotha Audrey Ritter Hunter, the best mom I could’ve ever had. I love you mom, and I miss you dearly.


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