Can Golden State Win Without Their Wounded Warrior?


For those who haven’t heard, Steph Curry, the reigning MVP of the NBA and the best player on the best team, is out for two weeks. That puts him on the bench for the Fifth Game of the first Round of the 2016 Playoffs. And presuming that they shoot down the Rockets, Steph will be down and out for most if not all of the Second Round series against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Players play hurt all the time, but it’s not good for them or for their team in the long run. So, sitting Steph is the smart thing to do. That said, this leaves it up to his teammates to carry the load and continue the fight without him. And so the question is not can the Warriors win another NBA Title, it’s “can they even win playoff games without Steph?” That’s a whole different question that begs an entirely different answer.

“What does this mean, potentially? Curry is tremendous and more valuable to this team than anyone else in the league is to theirs, but the Warriors roster is filled with talented stars who can assume larger roles if he’s out for the foreseeable future. The most recent piece of evidence came in the second half of Sunday’s game, when the Curry-less Warriors exploded all over the Houston Rockets, outscoring them 65-38 in the final two quarters.” Michael Pina, Fox Sports

Sean Deveney of Sporting News said the same. On Sunday April 24th in Houston, “the Warriors proved up to the task, responding to another injury suffered by the reigning (and soon-to-be repeat) league MVP with a masterly performance in a third quarter in which they scored 41 points, knocked down eight 3-pointers in 13 attempts, dished out 12 assists on 14 made shots and saw Klay Thompson and Draymond Green lead the way with 25 combined points.

So with Steph Curry out for anywhere between a week and two weeks with a sprained MCL, suffered in a slip just before halftime in Sunday’s Game 4 in Houston, all the Warriors will need to do is continue to put together quarters like that until Curry comes back. Simple enough.” 

Biblically, we believe that we are stronger when we are weak; we are fiercer when we are faint, and we are full of God when we are empty of ourselves. It sounds crazy and silly and stupid and senseless and outrageous and outlandish, but it’s as real and rational and standard and statutory as can be, if you are spiritual.

So, it may sound funny, but it’s the formula. When we are weak, we are made strong. When we decrease, God gives us increase. When we humble ourselves, He exalts us and lifts us up. Yes it’s counterintuitive to conventional wisdom, but then again, everything spiritual is.

Submitting to the power and providence of God is the formula for winning when you think all hope is lost, and triumphing when you don’t seem to stand a chance. It’s the answer to the questions we ponder when we have unpaid bills and overdue notices and we are short on supply and long on demand. But that’s how Heaven helps. Heaven gives the most help when earth has the most need. And for the Warriors, now is the time to dig deep and to believe way beyond the stars, and for some of us it’s that time too.

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