A Prince And A Pauper


Music icon Prince played organized, team basketball. That’s right. 5’2” Prince played for both Bryant Junior High and Central H.S. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His H.S. coach said he was an excellent player. Prince also played (musically) the halftime show for Super Bowl  XLI in Miami in 2007. Billboard said it was the best Half Time show ever. But I missed it. I didn’t watch this half time show because I’m not a Prince fan. What a shame. And last year, Prince, a Minnesota Lynx fan, gave the team a concert at his mansion after they won the WNBA Championship.

So here’s to Prince Nelson Rodgers. While I was not a Prince Fan, I can pause and ponder and posit the effect his career had upon the music industry. He was different and dissimilar and divergent. His sudden and shocking death has distinguished him with the likes of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. They each lived kingly and queenly and princely lives as the King of Pop and the Queen of Soul and as  . . . “Prince.” Unfortunately, their departures from this life left us waning why and wondering what could have been if they could have lived a lot or even just a little bit longer.

So, since I was not a Prince fan, I feel that I am a pauper for missing out on his impact and his influence and the impression he left on song and sound and sports and society. We are princes and princesses because of an icon’s life, but we are left paupers if we do not stop for a moment or sit for a spell or at least stall and don a pall with the rest of the music world and reflect and respect and redeem the good that the great music maestros of our day delivered to us.  

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