The Golden State Warriors: When Good Is Michael Jackson “BAD!”


Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors just beat the best team (next to them ) in the NBA by being bigger and better and “badder” down the stretch. And in so doing, they broke their 33-game losing streak in San Antonio and the Spurs 2015-2016 home winning streak. Yes, just like when I came up, good is “BAD,” just like Michael Jackson said:

Because I’m bad, I’m bad – come on
You know I’m bad, I’m bad – you know it
You know I’m bad, I’m bad – you know it, you know.

Yes, good is “bad.” In sports and in life, it’s bad to be bad, and really good is not just good. Really good is a notch and a neck and a nose better than the rest. As another iconic, albeit sexist song from the ‘80s said, the Warriors are “a bad mama jama; just as fine as they can be.” And that’s what we all should strive to see. Not just to be good, but to be better than just good.

So here’s to the “Dubs:” the Warriors just tied Michael Jordan and the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls for the best record in the regular season. And on Wednesday night they can break the record in their regular-season finale against the Memphis Grizzlies and notch 73 wins against just 9 loses in a season. That’s just not being good; that’s being “bad to the bone.”

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