Cam Newton Spoke Uncomfortable Truth: Race Impacts How He’s Perceived


camnewton (GodandSports Photo)

Cam Newton was absolutely right this week when he said that race influences how he is perceived.

Do sports fans and others dislike the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl-bound quarterback Cam Newton because he is black?

Some, definitely yes. But that distaste for one of the finest athletes of this generation isn’t about tobacco chewing, confederate flag wavers who wouldn’t like him anyway. The dislike is much more relevant to the fact that institutional racism is alive and well in American life, perhaps no more obviously than in our favorite sport, football.

It was almost 30-years ago, but Pro Football Hall of Fame member Warren Moon wasn’t even drafted when he came out professionally. Told he should try out at cornerback, Moon scoffed at that suggestion, went undrafted and played five seasons in the Canadian Football League before finally transitioning to the NFL at a position he eventually became…

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