I Have Just One Question For Blake Griffin: Why?


Why Blake? Why?

Why did your fist land on the face of one of the teams hired hands? Why did you lose your composure and loose your uncustomary, uncouth and uncalled for conduct upon the help? It’s unbelievable and unexplainable, and, dare I say, borderline unforgivable.
To get to the “why,” we must first deal with a few other clarifying questions. What happened? And who was involved? Well, at a Toronto restaurant, Blake Griffin, the Los Angeles Clippers’ All Star Center and his “friend,” the team equipment manager Matias Testi, got into a fight outside of a restaurant. Apparently that “friendship” unraveled to the point where Griffin repeatedly punched Testi to the point where Griffin broke his hand. I said he BROKE HIS HAND. On his “friend’s” face. Wow. I hope I don’t have any friends like that.


So with the who, what, when and where out of the way, that leads us back to why. And we may never know the answer. It was a random act of stupidity. It was a dumb and dumber, foolish and fatheaded, witless and doltish deed that deserves detention. And detention he will get because he’ll be out for 4-6 weeks because of his broken hand. Is that punishment enough? Maybe not. But it’s a start.

In a tweet, Blake apologized and spoke of working towards a “resolution.” Resolution? You have a broken hand and your friend has a broken face. What’s the resolution to that other than healing and soothing and restoration and . . . oh that’s it: restitution. Pay the flunky off and he’ll shut up and everything will go back to normal. Because punching someone out in any other world is called assault. Or did I miss something?

So, let’s hope that Blake will take the time to wash off the slime and grime of his crime. In the meantime, he needs to use his downtime to shake off this hopefully onetime offence. Hopefully, when and if any one of the rest of us commits a mistake the size of the one Mr. Blake just made, we apologize to and empathize with the one we offended, and quickly.

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