Let It Snow!


For those of us that love snow, this weekend will be snow heaven. That’s the good news. The reality is that the storm storming our way will be more than a covering of the ground with  wavy, white, winter wool. The truth is that the weather will do more than make our woods a wintery wonderland. When it comes to snow, to use a basketball term, the flurry of fun soon turns to “one and done.” Snow may be majestic in the mountains, but in the city, it can get the opposite of pretty. After watching it all come down, the fury begins when we have to shovel it all up. But let’s focus on the positive.

So many life lessons can be learned from the snow. First, snow is God given. This may seem an over simplistic significance, but it’s a substantial sign, nonetheless.  The book of Job speaks of the “treasury of the snow” and traveling to where snow is made (Job 38:22).  Yes weatherman on the Weather Channel will tell us of the science of snow, but man can’t make snow in abundance like God can. The source and sum of snow’s beauty and bounty originates in high, heaven alone.

Snow is also symbolic and has spiritual significance. Snow has a mystical meaning and a sacred substance. Its’ purity and piety and innocence and intelligence are woven into every seasonal snowfall. God says that “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”  Snow, especially freshly fallen snow, reminds us of the purity and the surety we have when we give and surrender ourselves over to the Maker and Master of those teeny, tiny ice crystals. 

Further, each and every snowflake is different and distinct. Alone and apart, each one can’t do much of anything. But when they fall and flurry together, snowflakes can mass and mound and meat together to shut down a whole town. Snowfalls can be seismic. They can effect and endanger life and limb.

So let’s pray for safety and security during this mammoth, monstrous, behemoth of a blizzard. And let’s remember the meaning and the message of snow. It can deliver a powerful punch, both naturally and spiritually.  

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