The Remarkable Return of Peyton Manning! (Another Reason to Watch the NFL Playoffs)

Peyton-Manning (1)Wow! Talk about comebacks and turnarounds.

Peyton Manning led Denver to 20 second-half points in his first action since Week 10 as Denver wrapped up the top seed as the AFC West champions. Manning took over for Brock Osweiler as Broncos QB in the third quarter for his first appearance since he was removed in Denver’s November 15th loss to the Chiefs. Manning came into the game after starter Osweiler was involved in five, count em’ – five turnovers, and won the game for Denver.

What a significant and sensational, incredible and improbable comeback. It just goes to show that nothing in life is as moving and as mesmerizing as an unsuspected and unpredicted comeback. Nothing. Peyton was counted out and left for dead and yet he was ready to play, and play on in the playoffs he will.

Who said sports wasn’t spiritual! Who said you can’t learn lessons and gain insight and acquire understanding from sports? In Peyton’s return today, once again we see Providence at work on the playing field. And to top it all off, Peyton turned 40 in November. Forty! He’s no spring chicken and yet he ran the offence like he’s still got some juice left in the tank. My, my, my.

Peyton ran the scout team in practice this past week and now he will lead the No. 1 Denver Broncos into the playoffs. Peyton’s attitude and fortitude are enviable. How many of us would have had the demeanor and decency and integrity and respectability that Manning displayed during this test of his faith? Dare I say few. And that’s a lesson worth teaching on and off the field.

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