Start The New Year Right: Can Your Contemptible Coach

Kelly Fired

It’s official.  (and I’m NOT going to say I told you so!)

Kelly is kaput. He’s wrecked and ruined, finished and finaled out in Philly. And if you are a fan, you’re a fan of mine. Thanks for reading. Whether you’ve read a little or a lot about Kelly, you know where I stand. You know that I’m not a Kelly supporter or defender, not by any stretch of the imagination. In a fitting and an apropos way, before the last game of the season, Kelly got what he deserved: the boot in the butt.

But lest we rush to judgement, we must acknowledge Jeff Lurie’s role in all of this. It’s his team, and Kelly was his hire. But it didn’t work. Thankfully, before things got any worse, Lurie stood up and manned up and planned to ban and can his man who fanned on getting Philly a respectable and perennial power of a football team.

 It’s near the end of the year and it’s the end of our fear that we would be stuck with Kelly for another season. It’s the end of a once hopeful and likeable and readable chapter in Philly sports history. It was a firing no one predicted but everyone wanted and expected. Thankfully, the Eagles can move on and go on and hire a coach who connects with the players and the team and the City that’s ready for a championship, yesterday.

So let’s move on. Some things (and people) need to be left behind.  You know it and I know it. So let’s leave what needs to be left behind in 2015. Let’s move Kelly out and move a new coach in. And let’s start 2016 right.

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