“N.F.L.” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

I told you! (Chip is gone, but I wrote this before he was canned, so let me feel vindicated, then I’ll write about the chump called Chip who has lost his ship)

I told you that the Eagles game wasn’t worth watching! In a must win, loser go home, late December game, the Eagles got beat up and beat down and beat left and beat right out of the playoffs. (Playoffs, are you kiddin’ me?) Anyway, the NFL no longer means National Football League in Philly. In the City of Brotherly Love, N.F.L. now means that Chip Kelly has “No Friends Left.”

Today, Kelly may be the head coach and General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, but “Not For Long!” Kelly’s coaching and handling of the loss to the Redskins IN PHILLY on national television was unforgivable. YES the team played poorly and NO the dropped passes and missed opportunities were not all Chip’s fault, and YES the Redskins are red hot and NO the Eagles did not play well, but as all coaches know, if you can coach, you can coach. And Chip has proven that he can’t coach and he can’t GM. At least not consistently in the NFL, which is not for losers.

It is Not Frickin’ Likely that Eagles owner Jeff Lurie will fire Kelly at the end of the season. Rats. That’s a bummer. Because the Philly faithful have a N.F.L. – negative feedback loop (whatever that really is) when it comes to Kelly and his recent rough road as the head of our beloved Birds.

N.F.L. also stands for “new found love,” and Eagles fans everywhere are looking for a new coach we can fall for so that we can then mail their pic to Lurie in hopes that he’ll fall for them too. The honeymoon is long over, and now it’s time Chip comes to grip and stops giving fans lip because in his trip to Philly has caused him to slip and now his ship needs to set sail on a trip anywhere outside of South Philly. In other words, Chip needs to come to grip with the fact that there are no free lunches in the NFL.

So what can we learn from the multiple “NFL’s” of life? NFL also can mean “negatives foster life.” That’s right. All of the bad and the sad and the maddening things that happen to us actually work together for our good, if we love God, to build character and integrity and veracity and sincerity.

The old saying “wait until next year” has a whole new meaning – again. A new lease on life is an opportunity to be successful or happy after having experienced a series of difficulties. So, as we leave 2015 behind and get ready and get set and get started on 2016, remember that everybody, and that means everybody (including Chip Kelly) gets at least one more chance. And If Chip Kelly can have another chance and a new lease on life in the toughest sports town there is, then you can too.


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