Why I Don’t Even Want To Watch (the Eagles – Redskins Game)

“You Like That? You Like That?” Said Curt Cousins, the Redskins quarterback. Whoa. Where did that come from? Cousins went on to say “I mean, I just get really fired up after we win, that’s all it is; I’m just fired up . . . I mean, I can get more fired up, but I try to stay composed.”

So said an excited, exuberant and exhilarated Cousins after a recent pivotal win; but his hype is way overblown as the Redskins really aren’t a good team; they’re just winning at the right time.

Winning at the right time is a spiritual concept. Because you can lose at the wrong time. So isn’t winning at the right time what we want our teams to do? And isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Isn’t coming back and turning it around the foundation and hallmark of God’s Playbook?

So why am I not excited about this game?

1. The winner of Saturday’s game might as well take home the “worst team to make the playoffs” trophy; hardly anything to get excited about. However, there’s more . . .

2. The Eagles have had a torrid season. At 6-8, they’re a bad team trying to be an average team. And that’s nothing to get excited about. Or is it? When anyone does better and gets better and is better than they were, isn’t that something to get excited about?

3. The Redskins are over hyped about winning the NFC East, and maybe they should be, because nobody, and I mean NOBODY picked these same Redskins to win much of anything this year, much less the Division Title. So if they DO pull off and pull out and pull in a victory in Philly, it will be worth getting excited about (if you’re a Redskins fan).

So, do I want to watch? NO. But will I watch? Yes. Because somebody’s gotta win, and it just might be my Eagles. And beating an arch rival is always a good thing and it’s worth getting excited about.

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