Why Steph Curry Says, “We Have to Get Better”


How is it that beautiful people don’t think they’re photogenic? How is it that wise people always know to hold their comments until the end of the discussion? And how is it that great athletes always say they have room for improvement?

Wardell Stephen Curry II and the Golden State Warriors just lost for the first time this season. They are now 24-1 and have set all kinds of records as they defend their title en route to winning their second straight NBA Crown (a foregone conclusion?) And in the middle and at the front and pushing from behind of this great team is their leader, Steph Curry, the wonder boy whiz kid warrior who looks 21 but plays well beyond his years.

The great ones of the world are great because they are wholly humble and aptly arrogant. They have the unique and perfect combination of charm and chutzpah, grit and glamor, spunk and sparkle that the rest of us admire and adore. The great ones are measurably meek and mild and yet ridiculously rich like a Rothschild. They don’t just have money, they have a mission with means and motive. They know that they are faster and smarter and stronger than everyone else in the room. And they also know that they aren’t supposed to say it. At least not on camera.

Steph Curry said this of his team: “We have to get better.” This was after the Warriors beat Boston IN BOSTON in double overtime to reach 24-0. The very next night, because of scheduled back-to-back games, they fell one short of going undefeated on a seven game road trip as they lost to the last place Milwaukee Bucks. And the only reason they lost is because they ran out of gas trying to play and perform and produce at such a high level for so long.

We all need to get better. That’s a fact. It’s just that the great ones openly admit their faults and failures and don’t make any excuses for them. The great ones know they’re good but they also know that good isn’t great, and it’s certainly not good enough. And the great ones know that their mania need not lead to hysteria. Winning a game is great, but winning GAMES is even better. Getting better means that you have to be mildly manic. You have to play wildly under control and aggressively passive, in a good way.

In other words, “Let The Game Come To You.”

So let’s take notes from Steph Curry and the Warriors. And let’s not forget Cam Newton (whose team is STILL undefeated at 12-0) who are the trendy but tempered titans that know they are great, but also know they can be even better.

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