Can An Army Beat A Navy?

Army Navy Game

Today is the annual Army Navy Game played right here in Philly (I’m in town for the weekend). Army has lost the last 13 games to Navy. This season, Army is 2-9 and Navy is 9-2, and ranked 21st in the Nation. Army is trending down, and Navy is trending up. Army is hoping to win, and Navy seems helpless to lose.

 An Army fights on land and a navy battles at sea. But a fight is a fight and a battle is a battle, so we need to learn how to win wherever and whenever there is fight or a battle or a brawl or a scrum. Who we play doesn’t matter; it’s all about how we play on the field and in our heads.

And so the question is this – can Army turn it around? Can Army pull off an upset? Can Army push back defeat and disappointment and dejection and depression and press and pursue past the pundits and prognosticators and do what no one thinks they can do?

I submit that the real question is not can they; the real question is WILL they? For all of us who like and love to see the unthinkable and the unimaginable and the implausible and the impossible, we can deal with long odds.

So, can you beat your nemesis and your antagonist and your archrival and your archenemy? Yes you can. But you must move from “I Can” to “I Will!”

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