Does Anybody Wanna Win? (The NFC EAST)


The NFC East, now and afore time affectionately called the “NFC Least,” is chock full of half hyping, partial playing, semi saying and totally teasing teams that just don’t seem like they want to win. I mean, it’s almost unbelievable. So let’s just go down the list:

The bottom feeders, the Dallas Cowboys, are 4-8, because (they say) they lost their quintessential quarterback, Tony Romo to injury, twice! But wait!  This just in – Dallas beat the Redskins in Washington 19-16 on Monday Night Football! In a game that those same ‘Skins said they just had to have in order to separate themselves from the pack, they came up short and ran on empty.

The New York “Football” Giants lost a game to the Jets that they should have won (again) and their coach, Tom Coughlin, looks like he shouldn’t be coaching anymore, or at least not for pay.  Anyway, the Giants, who looked like they were going to run away with the Division earlier in the season, just can’t win for losing.  Now the Giants will have to beat Miami, Carolina, Minnesota and Philly, so “winning out” is an unlikely proposition, at best.

The aforementioned Washington Redskins weren’t given a snowball’s chance in you know what by anybody when they were 2-4. Now, at 5-7, they have an outside chance to win out, or a barnyard chance to back in, but both scenarios are dicey and distant destinations, at best. With four games remaining, the ‘Skins, will have to beat the Bears, the Bills, Philly and Dallas.  And I count at least two loses in that stretch. That would leave them at 7-9. At best.

And that leaves my Eagles (pronounced Iggles). In the home stretch of the season, we have Buffalo, Arizona, the Redskins and the Giants, and the only contest that gives me any concern is the Arizona game. But then again, we just beat the Brady Bunch, a.k.a., the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, in New England. And as bad as the Eagles have played, and despite how badly Chip Kelly has prayed, anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, is still possible.

So there you have it.  If you want to win, anything is possible. ANYTHING. Spiritually speaking, we call that believing and perceiving and achieving. We call that leaving the past and cleaving to the future. We call it trust because the just shall live by faith. We call it desire diced with determination which will equal our destination, which is a destiny destined by God from before the dawn of time. Because God saw in us that we desperately want to win.

There is a three-way tie for the best record in the NFC East and a two-way tie for first, between my Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Really?  So who ya got? Who do the bookies and the bettors and gamers and gamblers have to win this once proud and persnickety Division?  It all comes down to who wants to win.

So who wants to win? Who wants to step up and ramp up and gear up to play their best football in December, the month when the big boys come out to play for keeps? Not one of us knows for sure, and that’s why they play the games, and keep score.

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