So What’s Up With Sports In Philly?

Philly Sports

The Sixers suck. Sorry for the French, but the truth is the light. The Sixers haven’t won a game yet. We’re not talking road games, we’re talkin’ ANY game. They’re losing streak is epic and historic, as they are 0-17, err — make that 0-18 — as of this writing. What a way to get out of the gate. They’re trying, but also tripping over themselves late in close games. I watched them the other night as they had an 11 point lead late in the game. And it was in Boston against the Beantown Boston Celtics no less, our longtime, loathsome rivals. And hate them as we must, we still couldn’t use that as motivation to get our first win. (I’m shaking my head right now). Oh well; on to the next team.

The Eagles stink. There. I said it and kept it clean. My birds are cooked and casseroled, roasted and toasted, baked and broiled, stewed and steamed, fried and fricasseed, sautéed and stir-fried, barbequed burnt and microwaved dry. And did I say they’ve been roasted two weeks in a row? They gave up 45 points twice inside of a calendar week! That’s 90 points in two consecutive games, for those that are counting. They’re supposed to be playing football, not college basketball. I’m just sayin’. Oh well; on to the next team.

The Phillies smell like puke. That’s right, I said it. This year the Phillies were at the bottom of the barrel for the entire season. The ENTIRE season! SERIOUSLY?! We let go of every good and gifted player in an effort to “clean house” and get ready for … the future? Whatever that means and is. And there’s no tellin’ what they’ll look (or smell) like in 2016. Yes we got a new GM, but the guy’s got to produce, and that may take time. Oh well; on to the next team.

That leaves the Flyers. The Flyers. Our beloved Flyers. Currently, the Broad Street Bullies are 9-10-5; that’s nine up, 10 down, and 5 even (or wins, loses and ties for those that don’t follow hockey). And I can’t comment on the team because I can’t name a single, solitary player. Bernie Parent, Reggie Leach and Bobbie Clark are long gone. Oh well.

So what’s a Philly fan to do? Hope. Hope that someone on some team has some gumption or gusto or chutzpah or hutzpah or conviction or confidence that we will win again! Remember when the Green Bay Packers were as bad as all of our teams put together? Back in the 70’sand 80’s when the Packers couldn’t hit the side of a barn (to mix in a basketball metaphor), they’re motto was “The Pack Will Be Back!” Yeah! And they came back. We gave Green Bay Reggie White (you’re welcome) and they had Bret Favre and the rest is history.

So what’s the lesson here? What can we learn from all of this lethargy, lifelessness and lassitude? Sometimes you have to hit bottom in order to bounce and head back to the top. And that’s true in sports and in life. The way up is down. The way in is out. And the best way to start is to begin at the end. It sounds like double speak and double talk, but it’s true. In order to get out of a jam, it’s best to see yourself out of it, and then go from there.

And as for Philly sports, if this season aint the base and the bottom and the backside of sports in Philly, then God help us.

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