Golden State Is Undefeated!

Golden State SI Cover

The Golden State Warriors are undefeated and undeterred and are winning and are playing like warlords on a warpath. These 2015 Warriors have sprinted their way out ahead of the NBA pack in defense of their 2015 title. Stephen Curry and his fellow phenoms are playing like they’re on an inevitable track to repeat last year’s heroics en  route to win another Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Yes, once again, Golden State is a golden goose, as they are now 14-0 and mowing over and plowing under every team in their path. Michael Jordan’s 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team coached by “Dr.” Phil Jackson blew through the league and set a record for regular season wins with a 72-10 high water mark. Some say that this will never happen again. Enter Steph Curry and this Warriors team.

The Warriors are winning in wonderful ways. I stayed up way past my bedtime last night and watched them defeat Chicago and I was not disappointed. ‘Da Bulls gave them a run for their money, and were actually winning with time running out but the Warriors won running away. It was awesome to watch a REGULAR SEASON NBA game in November that actually meant something. But how are they doing it?

The Warriors are winning and grinning and thinning the ranks of the NBA. They’re winning and having fun doing it. For them it’s not work, it’s play. And as a wise old pastor once told me, when you make your work your play, you’ll never work a day in your life.  The closest teams to the Warriors are LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers and Timmy Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs, both sitting at 9-3.  And at the other end of the spectrum, my sad and sorry Sixers are 0-13. They’re struggling and bumbling and can’t win for loosing. They can’t figure out how to win a game yet. In other words, winning is elusive and losing is effortness. Oh well. We’re rebuilding, right?

So, this season is all about the Warriors and how they will win another title. And how they will mow and plow through the rest of the league to do it. It’s a wonderful thing to watch, because there’s nothing like watching poetry in motion. There’s nothing like watching a pro play at the highest level and there’s nothing any opponent can do about it. They can’t stop them and they can’t beat them and they can’t defeat them. At least not yet.

 So let’s learn a lesson from the league’s best. This Thanksgiving, let’s have fun living. Let’s have fun giving, and let’s not forget forgiving.   These three are a must, because the only way to defeat the enemy and to win in life is to enjoy living, to employ giving and to be ever forgiving.

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