The “Brady Bunch:” The Best Ever?


If you grew up in the ‘70’s like me, then you’ll remember the show “The Brady Bunch.” It was a good, clean, fun sitcom with a blended family; three boys and three girls who came together when their widowed (not divorced) parents got remarried. They had a house that I loved and the Dad was an architect AND they had a maid!  So what’s not to like! It wasn’t necessarily the best sitcom of the decade. In fact, The Brady Bunch never achieved high ratings during its primetime run but in syndication it has become an American icon.

So if you haven’t seen or even heard of the show, check it out. It’s not that bad. But as for the football “Brady bunch,”, they’re pretty good, and perhaps the best set of teams, ever.

Well, it’s been 40 years and now we have another Brady Bunch. Tom Brady is the leader of the pack and along with Coach Bill Belichick, they have weathered storm after storm. The two have taken a lickin’ and they just keep on tickin’.

Like him or lump him, Tom Brady proved once again why he may be the best quarterback ever. That’s right. Ever. Brady and his Patriots “bunch” just beat Eli Manning and the New York “Football” Giants on the road at Met Life Stadium, aka the Meadowlands for you old heads, and are 9-0 on the season. And they answered a lot of questions along the way.

Yes – the Giants should have won. No – the Patriots didn’t play great. Yes – Brady should have been picked off in the final minute. And NO, I don’t want the Pats to win another super Bowl. But the way it looks now, who’s going to stop ‘em?

This season, there remain three undefeated teams: the Pats, the Carolina Panthers who are also 9-0, and Cincinnati sitting at 8-0. But Carolina and Cincy each will have to prove they’re better than the New England Brady Bunch and that is a tall order.

Brady has now won the Super Bowl with three different teams, and every time it’s a new “bunch” that proves it can win. Brady is the only remaining member of the 2005 Super Bowl Championship team, and this year’s bunch is vastly different than last year’s team, and now they are poised to do it yet again.

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